Goals for Korean studies this year

올해 (2012년)의 한국어를 배우도록 설정하는 목표:

  1. 이 블로그를 통해서 배운 것, 언어를 해석한 것, 등의 기록을 한다.
  2. 한국어 넓은 독서를 한다 (예: 호빗 – 한국어 번역).
  3. 한국어 어휘랑 문법을 선택해서 배운다.
  4. 일기를 자주 쓴다.


Goals for my Korean studies this year:

  1. Keep a record of my studies, my analyses and observations of the language through this blog.
  2. Extensive reading of Korean (starting with “The Hobbit” translated into Korean).
  3. Learn Korean vocabulary and grammar purposefully and selectively. (Keep vocabulary notebook, word cards, etc.)
  4. Write Korean diary regularly.

I’m not using a textbook, but my approach has become a bit too self-directed for textbooks.  I’ll do what I’ve been doing the last year (read books, write journal articles), but hopefully a little more regularly / faster, and with the help of this blog, a vocab notebook, and using word cards once again, I’ll be able to accomplish more.

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    1. admin Post author

      Yes, some differences, and sometimes too similar… I feel sometimes the translation is a bit too literal, and unnatural in the Hobbit translation.

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