Some 사자성어

I’ve been reading a novel about 주몽, the founder of the 고구려 dynasty.  Not great writing really, but pretty light stuff, and good for learning.  One benefit is I run into a lot of 4 character proverbs (사자성어).  Here are a few that seem worthwhile to learn:

日擧兩得     일거양득    Kill 2 birds with one stone (same as 一石二鳥 / 일석이조)

五穀百果    오곡백과     All kinds of grains and fruits; bountiful harvest (lit. 5 grain 100 fruit)

異口同聲     이구동성    Unanimity (lit. different mouth same voice)

靑天霹靂    청천벽력     “Thunderbolt out of a clear blue sky”, a bombshell / surprise from nowhere

驚天動地    경천동지     Earth-shaking, earth-shattering (lit. surprise heaven move earth)

難攻不落     난공불락     impregnable (lit. hard attack no fall)

I wish I could get some frequency data for the 사자성어 in Korean though.  It’d be great to know which ones are most useful to learn.

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