I’ve been learning Korean since I came to Korea 9 years ago.  I studied fairly actively the first few years, but fairly passively for a few years, especially while I was working on my MA (Applied Linguistics).  I’m trying to be a little more active and goal-oriented now, but what with all my other goals for this year (French extensive reading, beginning Hebrew, language course development, hiking, etc.) I don’t know how much time I’ll have for it.

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    1. admin Post author

      Yeah, I’m just starting. I’m actually learning Biblical Hebrew, so I guess it’s a lot different from what they speak today in Israel… Really interesting language, but the pronunciation seems hard, especially compared to Korean.

      1. Anno (@Acquiring Korean)

        Ah, I also want to learn biblical Hebrew eventually but do it through modern Hebrew. They’re not that different and the nice thing about studying modern hebrew is you can actually use it and learn it like a normal language (i.e. form friendships, talk with people, read novels). For me the pronunciation was easier than Korean (although it is different).

  1. seoulinme

    9 years?! ^^ omg I can only imagine the things you know :D being more active and goal-orientated is about 1million times harder to do than say (for me anyway) hehe ~ never knew about this blog today and glad I found it :)

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